[Chameleon] MouseDown Javascript Func

Abe Gillespie abe.gillespie at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 17:00:57 EDT 2005

In my widget I set the MouseDown Javascript func like so:

	function GetJavascriptOnMouseDownFunctions()
		$funcs = array();
		$this->addEventFunc($funcs, "MouseDown");
		return $funcs;

	function addEventFunc(&$funcArray, $funcName)
		$funcArray[$funcName] = $this->name.$funcName."(e);";

And it shows up in the Javascript section faithfully like:

	function CWC2OnMouseDownFunction(e)


Where the function is:
	function abesLineToolMouseDown(e)
		alert("Down baby!");

But nothing happens when I indeed mouse-down.  I do get this
Javascript error ... not sure if it's related or not:

Error: MapWReleaseMouse is not defined

Thanks for any help.

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