[Chameleon] Can't make the rubberband work -- Help!

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Jun 27 12:07:06 EDT 2005

There was a bug in the ruler code, turns out that in some browsers, 
having a 0-sized div essentially clips the content.  It was fixed by 
changing the code that initializes the images to be inside divs that had 
sufficient size.

Not sure why the rubberband would not show up, this is the first report 
of a problem and the code has been stable for about 4 years for that 
particular piece of functionality.

I suspect a browser issue.  Can you problem details on platform, 
browser, and versions of software in use.  Also a live url would be 
useful (you can send it off list if necessary).  Also, a widget tag may 
be useful too (in this case, the ZoomIn and MapDHTML widget tags)



Vic Kelson wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm a newbie with Chameleon, and I've got a great-looking site almost 
> finished, with one problem. The rubberband doesn't show up on the screen 
> (neither does the ruler), but their functions work perfectly. That is, 
> if I click the "zoom in" and then drag on the map, it zooms properly. If 
> I turn on the ruler and click and move, the distance updates properly in 
> the text box on the form. But, the rubberband line and the ruler lie are 
> invisible.
> What have I done wrong? Do I have a layer out of order? Is there a 
> component I'm missing?
> Help! ...and THANKS!
> --v
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