[Chameleon] ExpressionBuilder problems

Roberto Stecco roberto.stecco at email.it
Thu Mar 31 02:36:36 EST 2005

hi list,
I have some problems with the "ExpressionBuilder" widget.
Must queriable layer be WMS or WFS? Is it possible to have a wms/wfs
connection without using mapserver as a cgi? My datas are on postgis.
I tried to configure a wfs connection but at any request too big gml files
are created that reduce speed and disk space. Is that right?
Is there another widget to make queries, even simple like "address and
street number"? 

fedora core   3
mapserver     4.4.1
php_mapscript 4.4.1
chameleon     2.0
postgis	      7.x 



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