[Chameleon] ExpressionBuilder problems

bartvde at xs4all.nl bartvde at xs4all.nl
Thu Mar 31 05:23:46 EST 2005

Hi Roberto,

you can use the ExpressionBuilder on a WMS layer (CONNECTIONTYPE WMS).
Check the following document:


AFAIK this will require Mapserver CGI, or any other WMS like Geoserver.

So in your Chameleon MAP file you use a WMS client layer, which refers to
the Mapserver CGI which connects to PostGIS.

If you just use a WMS client layer (and not a WFS client layer), no GML
will be sent over for the ExpressionBuilder.

Best regards,

> hi list,
> I have some problems with the "ExpressionBuilder" widget.
> Must queriable layer be WMS or WFS? Is it possible to have a wms/wfs
> connection without using mapserver as a cgi? My datas are on postgis.
> I tried to configure a wfs connection but at any request too big gml files
> are created that reduce speed and disk space. Is that right?
> Is there another widget to make queries, even simple like "address and
> street number"?
> fedora core   3
> mapserver     4.4.1
> php_mapscript 4.4.1
> chameleon     2.0
> postgis	      7.x
> Thanks
> Roberto
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