[Chameleon] Several questions

Dirk Jesko ml.dje at geocontent.de
Wed May 4 11:20:00 EDT 2005


I am creating a portal using chameleon. Most widgets work pretty well 
and I really like the environment. However, I ran into a couple of 
mostly minor problems:

1. I would like to translate the GUI to German. Is it just done by 
adding a new column of the dbf-files and writing the corresponding text? 
Or is there something else that has to be done?

2. I just realized, that the reprojection using the ProjectionSelector 
only works with vector data. As soon as I activate a raster layer, no 
image is returned. Before I investigate this further, I would like to 
know if someone else experienced something similar.

3. Again ProjectionSelector. After changing the SRS, the KeyMapDHTML 
shows the correct bounding box, but using the KeyMapDHTMLMode buttons 
result in incorrect bounding boxes, i.e. the new bbox of the main map is 
far outside the covered area. After setting the SRS back to the one 
specified in the map-file, it works perfect again.

4. How can I change the template for a query result? I specified one in 
the map-file, but chameleon still uses the standard table.

5. The symbol chooser used in the MapNotes widget writes the images into 
a wrong directory. It seems that it always uses 
C:\Programme\ApacheGroup...\htdocs\mstmp\ for writing, but uses the one 
specified in the map file resp. chameleon config file. Am I possibly 
missing some option again?

6. The MapTips widget does not recognize my layers. I just shows the 
option to remove all map tips. However, it works well with the enhanced 
sample. My layers are all PostGIS. Is there any SharedRessource or 
Metadata that has to be defined in order for the MapTips to work. I can 
not see any in the example. By the way I am using the xmlthemeledgend 

7. The download from PrintProduction widget always generates a PNG, even 
if a different format has been specified in the dialog. The PrintPreview 
on the other hand creates an image in the requested format. Therefore, I 
assume that there is a problem within the widget an not in the 

Hopefully someone can provide an answer or a reference for these 
questions. Thanks for any help.


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