[Chameleon] JSAPI Newbie questions

Rhys Ickeringill rhysi at omnilink.com.au
Tue May 10 00:20:38 EDT 2005

Hi list,

What is the status of the Chameleon JSAPI? Functional? I ask because when I
cut'n'paste (just before all the other shared resource tags)

<CWC2 TYPE="SharedResource" NAME="CWCJSAPI" />

from the JSAPI "Getting Started" documentation, all I get is the second tag
being pulled up in red text, non functional navigation widgets and a slight
messing up of my page layout. Have I done something wrong?

On a related topic - something that is not obvious from the JSAPI docs is
whether or not I have to provide event handlers for all the navigation tools
if I'm using the JSAPI. Is this the case?


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