[Chameleon] Notice: Undefined index: DE_DE

Dirk Jesko ml.dje at geocontent.de
Wed May 11 08:25:24 EDT 2005

Hi Stephan,

I would guess, that it does not find the new (?) column in the dbf. 
Which software do you use for editing the dbf-files? I had problems 
editing dbf, e.g. with Excel. It seems that it does not add the 
definition of new columns if the file is saved as dbf. Therefore, other 
programs can not find it. Maybe it is something similar.


Stephan Holl wrote:

>Dear List,
>I am trying to translate some widgets to German (de_DE) but did not
>reallyfind out how to make mlt.php happy. The following notice is
>Notice: Undefined index: DE_DE in htdocs/ common/ mlt/ mlt.php on line
>Thanks for any enlightments...
>	Stephan
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