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Stephan Holl sholl at gmx.net
Wed May 11 08:36:36 EDT 2005

Hello Dirk, 

On Wed, 11 May 2005 14:25:24 +0200 Dirk Jesko <ml.dje at geocontent.de>

> Hi Stephan,
> I would guess, that it does not find the new (?) column in the dbf. 
> Which software do you use for editing the dbf-files? I had problems 
> editing dbf, e.g. with Excel. It seems that it does not add the 
> definition of new columns if the file is saved as dbf. Therefore,
> other programs can not find it. Maybe it is something similar.
> Regards,
> Dirk

I am using Openoffice to adapt the DBF-Files. Probably I should
recheck, if the column is added with another prog.

THanks for the hint.


Stephan Holl

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