[Chameleon] Chameleon Samples not working (Gail)

Gail Gail.Millin at manchester.ac.uk
Fri May 13 09:54:55 EDT 2005

Hi Jason,

1) I have tried to run the phpinfo() script and I get the 404 Error, does
this mean that mapscript is not properly installed? 

- I am using the php_mapscript_44.dll which I copied to the PHP extensions
- I also added the libcurl dlls and ecw dlls to the System 32 directory 
- Added php_mapscript_44.dll to the extensions list in the php.ini file. 

Is there anything that I have missed when installing phpmapscript I have
followed the README.txt for installation guidance. 

2) I have mapped both php and phtml to the php.exe I have checked this for
chameleon and samples virtual directories and that is fine.

You mentioned that I need to explicitly allow the PHP CGI or All Unknown
CGI's to run where do I do this?

Thanks for your help much appreciated


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