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Bart van den Eijnden BEN at Syncera-ITSolutions.NL
Thu May 19 02:29:39 EDT 2005

Hi Jonathon,

answers to your first question is:

Yes there is. See the wiki. You'll have to write a small php script for this though.


With respect to 2), are you sure there is data within the extents?

Search the archives for the answer to  3), since this has been discussed lots of times. I think Jacob offered his code for this more than 5 times already :-)

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>>> Jonathon Coombes <jon at cybersite.com.au> 05/19/05 02:52am >>>
Hi All,

I have just started to use Chameleon and am pleased with it so far,
but I am having some trouble with certain areas. I have a few 
questions to see how people have approached these areas with the
Chameleon framework.

1. I can use the Query widget fine, but is there a way to limit
   the fields that are displayed in the result set?

2. I am trying to get a quick view going, and the extents seem
   fine, but it is giving a blank map image. Any suggestions?

3. What is the simplest and easiest method to implement a "database"
   style search? I have only simple shapefiles at this stage, but
   want to query layers based on address, city, feature etc.

Thanks for the help.

BTW, the ka-map stuff looks great! Can't wait till its in Chameleon.

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