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Jano Ferencik ferencik.ioan at personal.ro
Wed May 25 08:43:22 EDT 2005

Hi Edith

the situation is like this..I created a javascript treemenu wich I am attaching
to this email as a zip archive....you can modify and use it ....but....there are
2 things..
1 as long as The update Map widget refreshes the page You can do nothing about
it... the menu will allways refresh and appear like on first load...you could
solve this by creating some javascript handling some events...wich will keep the
opened group open after refreshing....the script should use the :active
pseudoclass of group(wich in this case must be links)...(this is only an advice
)...I though one tome to do it but could take me a loomng time as my javascript
skills are only basic

In my case I have another problem...I fave a huge number of layers in may
Chameleon application(about 50) and I created a legend on multiple levels...it
is refreshing itself  on Update Map and second I think that the number of layers
conducted to decreasing of speed when loading the map....
A possibble solution could be the new Ka-Map project from DM solutions(ie. the
map doesn't refresh itslelf on the basic actions like panning or zooming or
layer controls).....but you will have to wait for the application Ka-map to be
released....i think it will happen soon(ask Paul Spencer about this)  :))


> Hi list,
> I have a problem similar to jstreeview ; I developped legendTemplate to show
at page load only groups so the user could developp a group by clicking its id
to show the layers in the group ; I have two problems :
> 1 -  using Javascript to hide / show layers for each group. 
>      I think Jano Ferencik (who first posted about Jstreeview) succeed doing   
>      this ; could you help me ?
> 2 - I have the same problem after Update, the page looks like on the fisrt   
>      loading and user loose his environnment, only groups are visible.
> can somebody have any suggestions ?
> Thanks
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