[Chameleon] Locate widget and JSAPI - samples don't work

Pagurek,Debbie [NCR] Debbie.Pagurek at ec.gc.ca
Tue Nov 8 11:45:33 EST 2005

Is there anything special that has to be done with the locate widget for
it to work when the JSAPI is enabled? I checked the chameleon Samples -
Enhanced Sample using the JSAPI mode and it doesn't appear to be working
there either. The actual query to the locate services works fine. By not
working I mean that the map doesn't get updated or get zoomed in when
the Apply button is clicked.

Does anyone have a working example of LOCATE widget with JSAPI?

D. Pagurek

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Hi Debbie,

errors which are written in HTML directly are somehow handled
differently by Firefox or IE. I always notice it when I do some
debugging with echo's in php, in IE I won't see them most of the time
until I view the HTML source, probably since they could be before or
after the <html> begin and end tags.

The widget code needs to be changed for this. In the InitDefaults of the
Locate widget, parent::InitDefaults should be called as the first line.
I would suggest filing a bug as well, after first checking in the
current CVS file has the same problem.

    function InitDefaults()

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Bart van den Eijnden
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>>> "Pagurek,Debbie [NCR]" <Debbie.Pagurek at ec.gc.ca> 11/07/05 9:22 PM 
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Hi all,
We've been testing our app in different browsers and we're seeing a
problem in Netscape (7.0 is what I'm testing right now) in the locate
widget. The postal code or placename seems to be found ok because a list
of places is provided, but the following error appears next to the list:

  ERROR 1: ERROR: InitDefaults didn't call base class InitDefaults in
widget locate

And then of course when you click on Apply or OK, the map appears to be
trying to do something (the "please wait" notice appears) but the map
doesn't get updated with a point and it doesn't zoom in.

Can anyway suggest what the problem might be?

The locate widget is working just fine in IE and Mozilla.

Thanks in advance,
D. Pagurek

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