[Chameleon] SessionExpired

Liz Godwin godwin.liz at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 10:06:34 EST 2005

I am having difficulty using the SessionExpired widget in my templates.

I have inserted the following obvious widget into my template, in an area
within the body and form of the page:
<cwc2 type="SessionExpired" text="blah blah blah" /></cwc2>

I have done this on previous applications published with an odd cvs-ish
version (1.99 ish) where it worked fine.

Now in Chameleon 2.2, I still get the deault empty page with "Your session
is invalid or has expired."
It seems the ParseURL in the SessionExpired widget is not actually running.
I would really like it to run instead with a template of my choosing, but
that's not working either. I'm trying to get text working first.

Anyone have any idea where I might start looking for the problem? I've
already compared the two widgets and they have not changed, apart from the
addition of a MATURITY_BETA which is above my current level of ALPHA during


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