[Chameleon] A new set of Chameleon widgets - map size fix

Mike Leahy mgleahy at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Wed Nov 23 15:26:57 EST 2005


I've just updated the mcMapDIV widget (http://gaia.uwaterloo.ca/mgl/) -
you should now be able to modify the map size from the cwc2 tag in the


Peter Kingsbury wrote:
> I'm interested in checking out what you've done. I applaud your initiative!
> On a side note, I had some problems resizing the map widget, and found
> that it was necessary to change the dimensions inside the chameleon.map
> file in addition to (or perhaps instead of?) the normal widget html code.
> Cheers,
> - Peter
> On 11/22/05, *Mike Leahy* <mgleahy at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
> <mailto:mgleahy at alumni.uwaterloo.ca>> wrote:
>     Hello list,
>     I have been working on a set of custom widgets for Chameleon over the
>     past couple weeks that some users may be interested in trying.  I've
>     made a file and detailed description available at
>     http://gaia.uwaterloo.ca/mgl/.  The zip file that can be downloaded
>     contains all the widgets I have worked on for a project I am currently
>     participating in.  Also included is a sample that should allow you to
>     test them, and some basic setup instructions in a README.txt.  To view a
>     live demo, you can look at http://gaia.uwaterloo.ca/mgl/resizetest2/.
>     You should find the map works relatively well without reloading the
>     page
>     in the browser, and that it will resize to fill the browser window after
>     it is resized.
>     This work is in part a follow-up to the posts I made a couple weeks
>     ago regarding enabling an AJAX-based chameleon interface.  I had been
>     able to make a simple Chameleon application function without reloading
>     the page directly in the browser, but instead loading it through an
>     XMLHttpRequest object in JavaScript, and updating appropriate
>     content in
>     the page.  After doing so, I found that I had trouble when I got to the
>     stage of making elements inside the page more dynamic (i.e., resizing
>     the map widget - which for unclear reasons wouldn't display beyond its
>     original extent).
>     The best/only suggestion that I received regarding that problem was to
>     rewrite the MapDHTML widget so that operations such as clipping the
>     image while panning took place by simply displaying the image inside a
>     div layer with overflow:hidden specified in the style.  I have now done
>     this, but rather than attempting to reverse-engineer the original
>     MapDHTML widget's functionality, I found it simpler to start a new one
>     essentially from scratch. As a result, I had to also rework many other
>     widgets that are required for basic interaction with the map.  The
>     results (as you can see in the demo above) seem to work fairly well so
>     far.  There may be more widgets to come as we continue working on the
>     tool we're developing, but I think what I've finished so far will
>     provide a good start for any users interested in developing Chameleon
>     applications that does not require reloading the page. There are also
>     some fixes/enhancements to tools like the circle or polygon ROIs, which
>     I noticed didn't seem to draw properly in the default versions (is this
>     a known issue?).
>     I hope everybody feels free to try out these widgets, and I look forward
>     to any comments or feedback.
>     Mike
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