[Chameleon] Bottom and Right Layer Positions not responding to changes in map size

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Sep 27 08:18:13 EDT 2005


the sample apps aren't really designed to be a resizeable layout.  In  
fact, they weren't really designed at all :)

You would probably do better to start with a new page layout from  
scratch.  However, if you insist on sticking with the samples ... I  
think you will need to modify the sample.js and sample.css files,  
specifically the LayerSetSizeInit() function



On 26-Sep-05, at 11:30 PM, Jennifer Zeisloft wrote:

> Hello All,
> I recently figured out, with the gracious and thorough help of Liz  
> Godwin, how to separate the legend and tools layers in my application.
> http://maps.aqua.wisc.edu/lscmp/viewmaps.phtml
> However, I have been unable to get the "ReferenceLayer" and  
> "LegendLayer" (as well as associated other layers, such as  
> RightSideTabsLayer, LegendToolsLayer, etc.) to change their  
> positions in response to changes in the size of the main map  
> layer.  I have searched all of the lists, copied sample files, and  
> tried various other solutions on my own and simply haven't been  
> able to figure it out.  The closest I've come to an answer is this  
> conversation on the list (which is not all that promising):
> http://lists.maptools.org/pipermail/chameleon/2004-December/ 
> 001661.html
> I imagine I need to do something with the js file, but nothing I  
> try seems to make a difference.  I have posted my current copy of  
> the relevant files (the html template, the css file, and the js  
> file) on-line at https://mywebspace.wisc.edu/jrzeisloft/web/temp/ 
> MapSize/
> I would really appreciate any help or hints the community could  
> offer.  Thanks much!!
> Jennifer Zeisloft
> UW Sea Grant
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