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Mariette mariette.hachey at geonet-tech.com
Mon Apr 10 13:49:30 EDT 2006


I have been working with Mapserver-Chameleon for the last couple of months
and I have gotten to the point that I have a decent site up and running with
the functionality that I want. But there have been a few errors that I have
never been able to figure out, so I am opening up the site for the next week
or so to get some help in debugging. The problems are as follows:


1)       Query issue 1--> I have the site set up so that it only queries the
layer with the active radio button, this functions but an error occurs on IE
and Firefox. I would like to get rid of the error.

2)       Query issue 2--> I must hide certain results and with the new query
tool you set what columns to hide in the Map file. I have done this
according to instruction by inserting the HEADER info in the layer, but
instead it prevents all results from appearing. The property layer is set
this way.

3)       Query issue 3--> I had the query results in the last chameleon
version set up so that if the query results had http:// at the beginning it
would convert the text to "Click here to view photo"  as a link. Example in
the photograph layer. I cannot seem to figure out were to put the if
statement in the new query tool.

4)       Reference image is not showing up, before the upgrade it was fine.
I had simply replaced the keymap widget file with the old one from before
the upgrade.

5)       I also have a lot of space at the bottom of the web page that I
can't seem to get rid of.

6)       The copyright text disappears after you navigate; I need it to be
there at all time.

7)       The legend looses its status after a page refresh

8)       In the legend, at the layer level I would like to be able to read
the name and replace the underscore with a space, I have done this at the
group and class level but could not achieve it at the layer level.

9)       Legend icons are not appearing in Firefox, they were before the


These are some of the last issue plaguing me and any insight on any of them
would be much appreciated. If you require any files please do not hesitate
to ask. I am running this on windows server 2003 and using apache. I am
using ms4w version 1.4.1 with Chameleon. I do have some JavaScript skills
but I am currently still taking my first course and I have no PHP skills as
of yet.

Website <> 




Also if anybody finds other errors or could offer advice about the page
please don't hesitate.

Thank You



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