[Chameleon] RE: pdfMap question

Gambin Dejan Dejan.Gambin at pula.hr
Thu Apr 13 09:57:15 EDT 2006


I solved this ...but not the other error I sent the mail
about.....getting a blank page with IE :-((


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> Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2006 3:53 PM
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> Subject: RE: pdfMap question
> Hmmmmm, I havent seen that yet. . .
> Is the other server a different OS that the original? What 
> program were you using to view the produced pdf file (or 
> perhaps what browser were you using to call the viewer) in 
> the operational and non-operational situations? 
> Also .. You mention :  "file does not begin with '%PDF-'" 
> perhaps you could tryn' change "blankmap.pdf" to 
> "blankmap.PDF" ... Or make try making sure that the output 
> pdf has all uppercase letters in the filename extension (if 
> your writing your pdf to disk rather than sending direct to 
> the browser..). Keep me posted.
> Jeremy
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Gambin Dejan [mailto:Dejan.Gambin at pula.hr] 
> Sent: April 13, 2006 5:34 AM
> To: Sears, Jeremy
> Cc: chameleon at lists.maptools.org
> Subject: pdfMap question
> Hi Jeremy (and possibly others),
> I have copied all my pdfMap files to another server and now 
> it gives me an
> error: "file does not begin with '%PDF-'" when trying to open 
> the produced pdf file...I saw many posts regarding this issue 
> but maybe you can tell me what do you think can be the 
> problem? (my blankmap.pdf file is exactly the same as the one 
> on my localhost)
> dejan

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