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Delfos, Jacob jacob.delfos at maunsell.com
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In that case, you can just use an ordinary combobox (drop-down box). Use the 'onChange' functionality to invoke a function when a value is selected. That function can then load a particular URL into the page (or into a frame or iframe) that is associated with that entry.
<select name='pageselector' onChange="loadPage();">
<option value='http://www.mychameleonapps.com/Quezonhall.html'>Quezon Hall
<option value='http://www.mychameleonapps.com/somewhereelse.html'>somewhere else
function loadPage()
To load it into a frame (which may be cleaner) means you put "window.someframe." before "location.href". Please note this code is untested, but the principle should hopefully work.
Hope this helps,


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	hi everyone.
	is it possible that a "quickzoom" entry have a unique http address?
	for example, one entry in my application is "Quezon Hall". As expected, when this entry is selected, the mapping window will display the "Quezon Hall" polygon. Can this "mapping window" have a unique http address like http://www.mychameleonapps.com/QuezonHall.htm or something like that?


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