[Chameleon] mapfile generation - explanation needed

Bart van den Eijnden (OSGIS) bartvde at osgis.nl
Thu Dec 7 04:32:28 EST 2006

Hi Dejan,

I believe all MAP files in the session are written using saveState().

$_SESSION['gszCurrentState'] = $this->moMapObject->saveState();

So you could search for those statements.

Also, check if your session has a file called mapDHTML_adjust.map, this you
can solve in the MAP file or HTML template, see the comments in
MapDHTML.widget.php (search for "there is a subtle bug in first page load").

Best regards,

Bart van den Eijnden
OSGIS, Open Source GIS

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Onderwerp: [Chameleon] mapfile generation - explanation needed
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> Hi,
> I am trying to optimize my Chameleon application performance as much as
> I can. I have done many things with my data, mapfile, etc. I am
> wondering if there is something I can do that is related to Chameleon
> only. It is set in JSAPI mode, with javascript compressing, ...
> I still don't understand how the mapfiles are being generated? For
> example, it is initially generating 3 mapfiles (12KB each), each zoomin,
> pan, etc. generates another 2 mapfiles, atrribute query another 3, ...
> Is this OK? Is it causing some performance problems? Do I have to work
> on it?
> thanks very much
> regards, dejan
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