[Chameleon] Broken image instead of a map in IE

Ded Moroz hacker_ivanovich at yahoo.de
Fri Jan 6 14:54:37 EST 2006

  Hi dear community.
  I’ve the following strange problem on my chameleon installation. When I just send a simple request directly at a drawmap.php like: http://server/chameleon/common/wrapper/drawmap.php?map_session_mode=1&run_query=0&sid=43be7fee135b7&dummy=0.17998100+1136558079&UniqId=1136558467418989
  I just can see a normal map as a response. But sometimes I just get a broken image instead of a normal picture of my map. The strange thing is when I just made a request like already showed and I push the F5 it reloads the map but sometime it shows me the broken image as a response. This error happens only when I use the IE 6.0. On Firefox or Opera every reload of the drawmap.php is successful and this error also takes place only when I request huge JPEG images (1000 x 600 Px). The error.log on my Apache server doesn’t subscribe any errors and when I try to simulate the same error directly on the server (http://localhost/chameleon/common/wrapper/drawmap.php?...) it just doesn’t happen. So I suspect that the error is maybe in the properties of the client or in the properties of my network.
  P.S.: Sorry for my terrible English :-(

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