[Chameleon] Problem with chameleon and php 5.1.1

Sears, Jeremy Jeremy.Sears at CCRS.NRCan.gc.ca
Thu Jan 12 15:16:02 EST 2006

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Thanks for the advice Jeff and Paul.

I have managed to get the newer version of php_mapscript_48.dll to work with
php 5.1.1. It was simply a matter of referencing it in php.ini and making
sure the extension was in the extension dir. 

I do need a feature that seems to be only available in php5, this is why I
am upgrading my MS4W's php installation.

I have another issue now. When attempting to load a map. PHP gives me the
following notice:

Notice: Object of class MapSession_RW could not be converted to int in
D:\ms4w\apps\chameleon\htdocs\chameleon.php on line 611

and it fails to load the map into my browser. 

The code on line 611 of chameleon.php is as follows:

    function CWCInitializeMap()
        //session map init
        // create a new map session object if not created
        if ($this->moMapSession == "")
            $this->moMapSession = new MapSession_R;

Any thoughts on what need to be changed to make this work?

Many Thanks

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It's not surprising that php5 causes that error with your ms4w because 
the phpmapscript binaries that are in ms4w are compiled for use with 
php4x.  I wouldn't recommend upgrading to php5 unless you absolutely 
need a feature in php5.

As you noted, you can use that php5 mapscript download to upgrade your 
mapscript binaries in your ms4w.

I can't speak for any Chameleon affects of using php5.  Personally, 
stick with the default ms4w.


Sears, Jeremy wrote:
> Hi All,
> Ive recently upgraded my ms4w's originall php install (4.4.0) with php
> 5.5.1. 
> Chameleon was working fine with php4 but after the upgrade, there seems to
> be an issue with the mapscript extension: 'php_mapscript_46.dll'.
> When I try to load pages from my chameleon app, where I once got maps etc,
> now get the following msg:
> ***
> Warning: dl() [function.dl]: Unable to load dynamic library
> '/ms4w/Apache/php/ext/php_mapscript_46.dll' - The specified module could
> be found. in D:\ms4w\apps\chameleon\htdocs\chameleon.php on line 487
> Notice: Object of class MapSession_RW could not be converted to int in
> D:\ms4w\apps\chameleon\htdocs\chameleon.php on line 611
> Fatal error: Call to undefined function ms_ResetErrorList() in
> D:\ms4w\apps\chameleon\htdocs\chameleon.php on line 627
> ***
> php_mapscript_46.dll exists in the the /ms4w/Apache/php/ext/ directory.
> I have discovered the 'mapserver-4.8.0-beta2-win32-php5.1.1' package and
> wondering how to integrate this with my chameleon app. Does anything in
> Chameleon need to be modified to reflect the php language upgrade? 
> Thanks
> Jeremy

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