[Chameleon] Session issue

Jonathon Coombes jon at cybersite.com.au
Thu Jan 12 21:18:09 EST 2006

On Thu, 2006-01-12 at 16:02 +0800, Delfos, Jacob wrote:
> Jonathan,
> When you build a widget, you always have to pass the session variable
> into any page that uses server-side scripting. The reason you are
> experiencing this problem with IE only, is that IE does NOT
> automatically pass on the variables from the the page that the current
> page was submitted from. In other words:
> Page 1: form WITH session ID, submits into:
> Page 2: this form received the session ID, but does not submit it into:
> Page 3: this page does NOT see the session ID in IE, because session-ID
> wasn't submitted from page 2. In Mozilla-based browsers, however,
> form-variables from page 1 will find their way through to page 3. So in
> Firefox it will work.
> Also, in Mozilla-based browsers, I *believe* pages running inside an
> Iframe will get form-variables from the main page submitted into them
> automatically. Not in IE, though. 

OK. This looks like it is getting close to the source of the problem.
The widget is based in an IFrame setup, but I thought I setup the SID
properly for that? Essentially I have set a variable in the main 
template and then I use this to pass the SID on to the Iframe. Is this
not the way to do it? 

> I hope this helps, rather than confuse you. Basically, Mozilla-based
> browsers do more than they should, which is helpful but hides
> problems.... Just pay close attention to what you submit into where.

Sounds like you have hit the source of the problem. All I need now
is the solution to the problem :)


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