[Chameleon] Session issue

Delfos, Jacob jacob.delfos at maunsell.com
Thu Jan 12 03:02:22 EST 2006


When you build a widget, you always have to pass the session variable
into any page that uses server-side scripting. The reason you are
experiencing this problem with IE only, is that IE does NOT
automatically pass on the variables from the the page that the current
page was submitted from. In other words:

Page 1: form WITH session ID, submits into:
Page 2: this form received the session ID, but does not submit it into:
Page 3: this page does NOT see the session ID in IE, because session-ID
wasn't submitted from page 2. In Mozilla-based browsers, however,
form-variables from page 1 will find their way through to page 3. So in
Firefox it will work.

Also, in Mozilla-based browsers, I *believe* pages running inside an
Iframe will get form-variables from the main page submitted into them
automatically. Not in IE, though. 

I hope this helps, rather than confuse you. Basically, Mozilla-based
browsers do more than they should, which is helpful but hides
problems.... Just pay close attention to what you submit into where.



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> OK,
> I am trying to trace down a problem I am having with a Chameleon site
> I have setup. It works fine for every combination of browser/OS EXCEPT
> IE on MS Windows. When this combination is used, I get an error like:
> Warning: dl(): Unable to load dynamic library '/opt/fgs/www/lib/php'
> Then I get an error about no such method or object.
> In my investigation so far, I have found:
> * It only gives this error in the above mentioned app/os combo.
> * It appears to be losing the $_SESSION['gszMapscriptModule'] 
> variable.
> * This means that it is trying to load a directory, not a file.
> * The session appears to be non-existent and a new one is generated
> (thus losing all the previous details I believe).
> Looking at the session.log (turned on $GLOBAL['dDebug']) and it showed
> that when loaded under all other browsers, it initiated a session and
> then reads it back to verify - and on verifying it shows a 
> page or more
> of the session data that is stored.
> When doing the same with IE under MS Windows, it shows a similar init
> process, but instead of succeeding in the verifying stage, it gives
> a message like 'the ".." is not a valid session' and re-initiates a 
> new session and displays only a fraction of the session data 
> as before 
> - that is, all map session data is gone.
> Has anyone come across this problem before? BTW, it is based on a new
> widget that I created, but it is simple and the sessions are almost
> identical to the samples given by Chameleon developers.
> I have had the same problem with v2.0, 2.2 and now I have tried the
> CSV(soon to be 2.4) version, all with the same issue.
> Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I am not sure what files
> may be of use for solving this, but I am willing to put any of them
> up to solve the problem.
> Regards
> Jonathon
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