[Chameleon] Session issue

Jonathon Coombes jon at cybersite.com.au
Thu Jan 12 02:44:10 EST 2006


I am trying to trace down a problem I am having with a Chameleon site
I have setup. It works fine for every combination of browser/OS EXCEPT
IE on MS Windows. When this combination is used, I get an error like:

Warning: dl(): Unable to load dynamic library '/opt/fgs/www/lib/php'

Then I get an error about no such method or object.

In my investigation so far, I have found:

* It only gives this error in the above mentioned app/os combo.
* It appears to be losing the $_SESSION['gszMapscriptModule'] variable.
* This means that it is trying to load a directory, not a file.
* The session appears to be non-existent and a new one is generated
(thus losing all the previous details I believe).

Looking at the session.log (turned on $GLOBAL['dDebug']) and it showed
that when loaded under all other browsers, it initiated a session and
then reads it back to verify - and on verifying it shows a page or more
of the session data that is stored.

When doing the same with IE under MS Windows, it shows a similar init
process, but instead of succeeding in the verifying stage, it gives
a message like 'the ".." is not a valid session' and re-initiates a 
new session and displays only a fraction of the session data as before 
- that is, all map session data is gone.

Has anyone come across this problem before? BTW, it is based on a new
widget that I created, but it is simple and the sessions are almost
identical to the samples given by Chameleon developers.

I have had the same problem with v2.0, 2.2 and now I have tried the
CSV(soon to be 2.4) version, all with the same issue.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I am not sure what files
may be of use for solving this, but I am willing to put any of them
up to solve the problem.


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