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Sears, Jeremy Jeremy.Sears at CCRS.NRCan.gc.ca
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Thanks Bart,
Ive noticed that as well, but cant seem to get at it directly from php. 
What is my purpose for this? Im writing a small script that grabs the
necessary image files etc from mapserver and then generates a customized pdf
of the chameleon based map. Im am writing this because we want a simple one
click button that produces a pdf map, rather that the printproduction widget
that requires the client to specify various parameters etc.


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I *think* it can only be accessed by the client-side image named 

<img src="/ms_tmp/113743725738641.png" name="ScaleBarImg" width="200" 
height="27" border="0">

I don't think the path is stored in the session, but ofcourse you could 
adapt the Scale widget to do so.

What is your purpose for this? Maybe there is another solution.

Best regards,

Sears, Jeremy wrote:

>Hi All,
>Im wondering if anyone can point me to some documentation/ offer advice
>regarding how the scalebar is drawn from within a chameleon session.
>Specifically, Im trying to find a variable or a script that I can access to
>learn the path to the scalebar image for a particular session.
>Many Thanks
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