[Chameleon] Process selected parts of template

uli mueller uli.mueller at gmx.ch
Wed Jan 18 16:39:08 EST 2006

Hi list

I want to integrate several chameleon maps into a broader database 
application. Since mapping functionality makes up only a small part of 
the whole application I don't want to build everything around a single 
chameleon template. What is the best way to use chameleon in such a context?

As I understand template parsing in chameleon three main parts must be 
handled: (a) include javascript, (b) set hidden form variables and (c) 
parse widgets to html code. It would be nice if one could access these 
parsed code fragments separately. Then I could initialize one or several 
Chameleon classes at the top of my page and then insert (a), (b) or (c) 
wherever needed.

However the UIManager's PrepareDrawPublish method, that does most of the 
parsing, seems to process only entire HTML documents.

Would you suggest is it worth to change the source code of UIManager? Is 
there even a general interest in this functionality? Or did I miss any 
other simpler method?


geOps GeoInformatics
D-79100 Freiburg

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