[Chameleon] Postgis, queries and ROI

Panayiotis Gotsis panos at ath.hcmr.gr
Tue Jan 24 05:32:03 EST 2006

Hi all

I have successfully set up a chameleon app connecting to postgis data and
I have to tell you I am thrilled about the result. However I have a couple
of questions on the way I should move forward...

Using the query widget I can get a standard template for the results.
Where can I customize the template? If I want to add up fields from other
tables (no postgis data) on the results, do I have to setup the data for
the layer in the map file like this?

the_geom from (select table_a.the_geom, table_b.data from table_a, table_b
where table_a.some_id=table_b=someother_id) as table_source

or is there a better solution?

Also, about the ROI widget set, I can't seem to find who I can use the
resulting selection to do something useful such as popping up a window
with info on the selected geographical features

Panayiotis Gotsis <panos at ath.hcmr.gr>
IT Engineer - System & Network Administrator
Hellenic Centre for Marine Research

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