[Chameleon] Is it possible to combine the ExpressionBuilder, Query and SQLquery with the ROI regions?

Nora Palacios npalacios at snet.gob.sv
Tue Jan 24 10:14:35 EST 2006

Hello Chameleon users, 

I´ve noticed in the 'Samples' included with the Chameleon software, that the 'Query' Widget works based on one 'point' input and not
a region. From the beginning I thought that regions obtained with the 'ROI tools' were going to be combined with the 'Query' or 'ExpressionBuilder' widget. 
If there exist any combination like that someone have heard about it, I would really appreciate if you can share it.

Following the examples in Chameleon, I wanted to understand the sequence of work from the  'ExpressionBuilder' widget.
But when using 'Build filter' tool,directly in the the interfase, I always get the following message, even when I have activated(not just selected) some layers:
"Invalid layer or none selected. Please ensure that the selected layer is a WFS or WMS layer" 
I am not sure if the examples of Chameleon are WMS layers.

I couldn´t find also, examples of how to use the SQLQuer, I would like to know if is possible to connect one database, through a POSTGIS connection, using the 'SQLQuery' widget,
since I have read comments related only to MYSQL.

Being a newbie in Chameleon and not having much knowledge in programming, but basic concepts,
I would like to ask is,if someone knows of examples putting to work any of the previous mentioned capabilities, and if I can get a hint of how to start from scratch, to understand
these 3 widgets.
Thanks in advance for your valuable help!
Carolina Palacios

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