[Chameleon] Hide/show keymap + floating

Carlo Trönnberg carlo.t at chello.hu
Wed Jan 25 08:48:55 EST 2006

Hello Jason (or anybody else who might be able to help me...  :-) ),

I am trying to make a user movable/hiding KeyMap in Chameleon. I created a floating div layer with a handle on top including 2 buttons such as minimize and close. Actually, when I move around the layer with the mouse, the frame and the 2 mini buttons are just fine, but the KeyMap stays on its original place.

I read your previous correspondance with Joan and looked at your test map site. I think that your modification is just what I am looking for. Could you please specify the modification you made to allow the show/hide of the KeyMap?

Thanks a lot in advance,


Hi Joan,

Did you want this to be like the keymap on ArcIMS?  My group wanted an 
IMS like keymap and I have the code that will do this.  Paul, would you 
like it as well?  I have a test site up and running that illustrates it 


You will have to modify some Chameleon code to get it to work, and that 
means that you will have to update the code every time you upgrade 
Chameleon to a new version.  Hope this helps,

(yet another Jason :) )
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