[Chameleon] User movable KeyMap in floating layer

Carlo Tronnberg temp at chello.hu
Tue Jan 24 20:16:11 EST 2006

Hi there,

I stumbled upon a problem: I want the user to be able to move freely the 
KeyMapDHTML widget with the mouse.

I have made a <div> based floating layer with a handle which the user can 
drag around. I included the KeyMapDHTML widget in it with the zooming and 
panning mini icons.
When the page loads everything seems ok. But when I move the layer around, 
the KeyMap stays on the same place. Just the frame layer with the 2 buttons 
is moved.

Is there a way to make the KeyMap follow my draggable layer?



PS: Here is the layer's code:

<div id="boxHandle" class="box">
  <div id="handle" class="handle">&nbsp;</div>
  <table border="0" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="0">
      <!-- KEYMAP -->
      <td colspan="2" align="left"><TABLE BORDER=0 CELLSPACING=0 
        <TD align="center">
      <cwc2 type="KeyMapDHTML" image="images/world_key.png" />
      <cwc2 type="KeyMapDHTMLMode" image="icons/icon_mini_zoom.png" 
imagewidth="9" imageheight="9" styleresource="MiniButton" mode="zoom" 
toolset="keymap" default="true">
      <image state="normal"/>
      <image state="hover"/>
      <image state="selected">
      <cwc2 type="KeyMapDHTMLMode" image="icons/icon_mini_pan.png" 
imagewidth="9" imageheight="9" styleresource="MiniButton" mode="recenter" 
      <image state="normal"/>
      <image state="hover"/>
      <image state="selected">

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