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Hello! Normand, very very much for your help. My translations in 3 languajes looks very good. I'm finishing of translate all. I'll have to translate another thing. 
  I have in my page the "WMS Layers" button.This is the div in the template.html:
  <div id="NavToolsLayer" name="NavToolsLayer">
  <table border="0" cellspacing="4" cellpadding="0">
    <tr> [#nav_basic.html#] [#nav_enhanced.html#] </tr>
  When I click "WMS Layers" button, another window open (Map Browser window) that window begin with this text:
          Explore WMS Layers      BROWSE: Select a server in the list below to browse its WMS layers.
SEARCH: Supply search terms in the field below and click the search button.
Select 'Search Results' from the list at any time to browse the found WMS layers.
ADD TO MAP: Click the 'add to map' button at the bottom of this dialog to add the selected layer.

  I have to change all the text of that window.
  Again, very much for your help

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