[Chameleon] LocateByAttribute usage note

Jimmy Lam j.lam at i-real.nl
Thu May 4 06:38:43 EDT 2006


I was having a problem with the LocateByAttribute widget where it 
wouldn't zoom to the feature after a successful query. There is no 
mentioning of this in the usage text file included or mailing list 
archives but LocateByAttribute widget makes use of the BoundingBoxPop 
NAV_CMD called ZOOM_BBOX. This means the presence of that widget is 
needed to set the bounding box or it will just retain its current 
extents. Having a Chameleon app in CWCJSAPI mode will work too.
Most people will already know this, but I thought this might be worth 
mentioning in future documentation.


Jimmy Lam

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