[Chameleon] PrintProduction: visible coordinates, empty map

Jimmy Lam j.lam at i-real.nl
Thu May 4 09:29:29 EDT 2006


I have a problem with the PrintProduction widget. On our Linux (Fedora 
4) server, it produces an image that has a title and a neatline (if set) 
and coordinates in the upperright and lowerleft corner. The map itself 
is empty/white. The legend and scalebar won't show up either if turned 
on. Normally, when there's a Mapserver error, it will say so in the 
image but there is no indication something went wrong. The webserver 
logfile has no entry either. The application I'm testing with is an 
untouched sample_enhanced and chameleon.map. All the other widgets work 
normally. Locally on my workstation, with the latest ms4w package 
(1.5.1), the sample works fine. Has anyone ever encountered this 
problem? I couldn't find anything in the archives that resembles this, 
unfortunately. Our setup is Apache 2.0.54, mapscript 4.8.3, php 5.0.4, 
Chameleon 2.4 final.


Jimmy Lam

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