[Chameleon] Manage WMS Servers widget shows "cache_mlt" error s,results in no WMS data layers

Delfos, Jacob Jacob.Delfos at maunsell.com
Thu May 4 19:25:01 EDT 2006

You may be running into bug
As far as I can tell, this hasn't been fixed yet. A bit unfortunate,
because it means version 2.4 has a broken WMS layer widget in it. 
Does anyone have a problem with me applying the 'fix' to the widget that
I mentioned in the bug report? I held off on it, because I wasn't sure
if a better solution was coming, and whether it might interfere with
othe things.


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"cache_mlt" error s,results in no WMS data layers
	Hi Bart (and list),
	Thanks so much for the suggestion - I don't remember placing my
old chameleon.xml file in the new version - but adding the code got rid
of the mlt_cache error.
	Unfortunately, it does not seem to be related to the WMS problem
- which is what I really need to solve.  
	Has something changed since the last version of Chameleon that
might cause WMS servers to lose their layer lists in the Explore WMS
Layers window?  The refreshed servers are still listed as connected, but
display the same way a disconnected server displays except that a
Service Title is still shown.  It is not only our WMS servers, but
*every* WMS server that is refreshed.  If the server is not refreshed,
there is no problem.
	I made the assumption that refreshing a server grabs a new
capabilities statement.  I checked for differences and found only two -
one having to do with the SYSTEM definition and one having to do with
the mapserver version being used:
	<!-- MapServer version 4.6.1
	<!-- MapServer version 4.8.1 
	The tricky thing is that ONLY our files showed these
differences.  Other refreshed server capability statements showed no
difference between the "before" and "after".  Perhaps I am on the wrong
track?  Or perhaps this could be part of the answer?
	I am running out of ideas with my limited understanding of
exactly how the widgets work and I truly appreciate any help that can be
	Thank you!
	Jennifer Zeisloft
	UW Sea Grant
	On 5/4/06, Eijnden, B. van den (Bart)
<b.vdeijnden at agi.rws.minvenw.nl> wrote: 

		cache_mlt is a new option in chameleon.xml. Did you just
place your old chameleon.xml in your 2.4 version? You could add an entry
to your chameleon.xml:
		        <description>This option controls whether or not
the MLT language translation file is cached or not.  Values are "true"
and "false"</description>
		Don't know if this will solve your problem though.
		Best regards,

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			Onderwerp: [Chameleon] Manage WMS Servers widget
shows "cache_mlt" errors, results in no WMS data layers

		Hello All,
		I recently upgraded ms4w and chameleon to the versions
most current at the time: ms4w 1.4.1 and chameleon 2.4.  Since that
time, the Manage WMS Servers widget "inside" the Add WMS Layers widget
is returning a series of errors with the same messge: 
		cache_mlt not found. Returning default value. 
		The biggest problem is that any servers that are
refreshed or added show only the upper most segment of the tree in the
Add WMS Layers dialog - i.e. the title appears, but none of the layers
appear and nothing can be added to a map.  I am guessing this is related
to the cache_mlt error, but not certain how.
		I searched the archives and took a look at the mlt.php
file, but don't understand how this would affect WMS servers.  
		A look at the Apache error log shows a couple of unusual
errors that I do not know the origins of and which also seem related to
the WMS problem:
		Premature end of script headers: php.exe, referer:
		File does not exist:
C:/ms4w/apps/chameleon/htdocs/skins/default/css/cwc2.css, referer:
ser_iframe_en.html&sid=445925887dba6 (none of the icons, etc. appeared
to be missing...)
		If anyone should have a suggestion as to how to get WMS
layers to appear in the Add WMS Layer dialog or how to get rid of the
cache_mlt error, I would greatly appreciate it!
		Thanks in advance for your help!
		Jennifer Zeisloft
		UW Sea Grant

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