[Chameleon] PrintProduction: visible coordinates, empty map

Jimmy Lam j.lam at i-real.nl
Fri May 5 04:19:20 EDT 2006

Hi Bart,

Thanks for your suggestion. The version of GD used with Mapserver is 
2.0.33-2 but PHP is using 2.0.28. We're working on changing this so both 
use the same version. I'll let you know if that fixes our problem.


Jimmy Lam

> Jimmy, can you check that PHP/Mapscript and PHP are compiled against the
> same GD version.
> Best regards,
> Bart
>> Jimmy Lam wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a problem with the PrintProduction widget. On our Linux (Fedora
>> 4) server, it produces an image that has a title and a neatline (if
>> set) and coordinates in the upperright and lowerleft corner. The map
>> itself is empty/white. The legend and scalebar won't show up either if
>> turned on. Normally, when there's a Mapserver error, it will say so in
>> the image but there is no indication something went wrong. The
>> webserver logfile has no entry either. The application I'm testing
>> with is an untouched sample_enhanced and chameleon.map. All the other
>> widgets work normally. Locally on my workstation, with the latest ms4w
>> package (1.5.1), the sample works fine. Has anyone ever encountered
>> this problem? I couldn't find anything in the archives that resembles
>> this, unfortunately. Our setup is Apache 2.0.54, mapscript 4.8.3, php
>> 5.0.4, Chameleon 2.4 final.

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