[Chameleon] Load test suggestions

Jesse Cleary jcleary at email.unc.edu
Fri May 5 11:42:03 EDT 2006

Hi folks

I'm wondering what tools folks have used to realistically load test 
their Chameleon applications.  I'm new to load testing but have 
experimented with AB and JMeter.  I feel that both are underestimating 
page load times by not measuring the full load time including the map 
image.  Alternatively I had these applications hit the drawmap.php URL 
only (var gMapDHTMLURL).  This appears more realistic compared to my 
direct browser experience, but of course leaves out the rest of the 
 I'm also wondering if this URL taps into any cached resources or just 
stores saved session parameters since I generate it prior to pasting the 
URL into my load test routine?

Any suggestion on how to configure these tools to wait until all of the 
components are finished loading?  Thanks...


Chameleon 2.2 (non JSAPI)
with MS 4.8.1
on Fedora Core 4

Jesse Cleary				
Department of Marine Sciences	
UNC Chapel Hill

17-6 Venable Hall
jcleary at email.unc.edu
(919) 962-4323

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