[Chameleon] help me : zoom out and pan control

Langlois, Dominic langlois at nrcan.gc.ca
Fri Nov 10 08:58:56 EST 2006


My first attempt to answer on this list that help me so many times.

About your first question, I had the same concern for my Chameleon based
WMS visualisator. My solution was to properly set the MAXSCALE keyword
from WEB section in the mapfile such as :
    MAXSCALE 40000000

You can read more about this at :

  >> http://mapserver.gis.umn.edu/docs/reference/mapfile/web <<

Answer to second question relies on adding to/modifying the related .dbf
files mostly found under the widgets directory. You can modify these
files using Excel but take care to keep the original format when saving

Hope this will help.


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hi, folks
i have some trouble when using chameleon.
the first, how to limit the zoom out scale? if we do zoom-out operation
many times continuely, the map will become more and more smaller and
there will be some white border around the map in the image extent on
the page. the same as pan map.
by the way, how can i change engligsh on the button(tools) into
chianese?for example, map size tool,how to convert "map size" into
chinaese on the button?
thanks in advance.

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