[Chameleon] Widget LocateByAttribute on a button.

Yahya Mohammad yahya at atc-me.com
Mon Nov 27 02:30:40 EST 2006

Look at the drawpublish function in LocateByAttribute.widget.php
Replacing the line:
$widgetCode .= "<A HREF='javascript:openSearchWindow();'>".$linktext."</A>"
with something like
$widgetCode .= "<input type=\"button\" value=\"$linktext\" 
onclick=\"openSearchWindow();\" />
should do it. There might be other changes required.
On Sun 26 November 2006 17:31, José Luis Romero Lagos wrote:
> I'm using the LocateByAttribute widget on my project and it works fine but
> I want to change from a simple link text "Locate By Attribute", to a
> button, how can I do this?

Yahya Mohammad
Advanced Technologies ME FZ LLC
Dubai Media City, UAE

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