[Chameleon] Widget LocateByAttribute on a button.

José Luis Romero Lagos joseluis.hn at gmail.com
Thu Nov 23 13:22:51 EST 2006

I'm using the LocateByAttribute widget on my project and it works fine but I
want to change from a simple link text "Locate By Attribute", to a button,
how can I do this?
I'm using this code to show the widget:

<cwc2 type="LocateByAttribute" searchall="true" pointzoombuffer="500"
height="90" width="600" highlight="true" allowdownload="false" popup="true"
linktext="Buscar" VISIBLE="TRUE"/>

And it shows me the link "Buscar", but I want this to be a button, or a
Navigation Button.
Thanks for the answers...
    José Luis Romero Lagos
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