[Chameleon] RE: Regarding locate widget in chameleon

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Nov 28 06:45:42 EST 2006

It is quite difficult to do this because we chose to override the  
default session handling mechanism with one that stores the session  
in a directory rather than a file.  This makes chameleon's sessions  
incompatible with normal php sessions.

In hind sight, this might have been done differently but ... we didn't.

We've done this before by detecting an incoming session id and  
copying it into the chameleon session when it is created.

You could also try using session.php from Chameleon to create a  
chameleon-compatible session.



On 28-Nov-06, at 2:34 AM, Delfos, Jacob wrote:

> Hi Vinod,
> Sorry, but I'm not much of an expert with the session mechanism.  
> You could try to pass the session ID into the page that calls  
> Chameleon, and get session.php to pick it up, but I'm not sure...
> Also, I don't believe that there is a complete design document  
> available for Chameleon.
> I have CC'd this e-mail to the Chameleon list. Perhaps someone else  
> has a better answer.
> regards,
> Jacob
> From: vinod kumar [mailto:vinodkumar_gis at yahoo.com]
> Sent: 28 November 2006 15:30
> To: Delfos, Jacob
> Subject: Re: Regarding locate widget in chameleon
> Hi jacob
> How are u. I need a help from you. I am using the chameleon as one  
> of my sub module to show the map. The main aim of the site is to  
> diaplay the record. I have a sesion which starts at the during the  
> login page of the main page. But the chameleon starts a new session  
> when the chameleon application is called. Is it possible to  
> intergrate both the session. If possible Please send me the  
> solution. can u send me the clear document how the chameleon works.  
> The document given in with the chameleon is not clear. so send me  
> the folder hierarchy if  possible. Waits for your favour.
> With Regard
> Vinod kumar.
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