[Chameleon] Erratic behaviour of the KeyMapDHTMLMode widget used as recentering/panning function under JSAPI

Carlo Trönnberg carlo.t at chello.hu
Tue Oct 3 02:10:35 EDT 2006

Hi there!

I just made a complete fresh MS4W reinstallation with the latest official 
MS4W and Chameleon.

Everything works ok but one: In the Enhanced Sample using the JSAPI mode, 
the panning/recentering function of the keymap has an erratic behaviour.
(KeyMapDHTMLMode used in recenter mode).

Instead of recentering it will move a red box containing the whole keymap, 
but after releasing the mouse button, if will effectively have made a zoom 
box from the mouse-down to the mouse-up locations.

Anybody have the same problem? If yes, is there a fix?

If I remove the 2 JSAPI rows, then everything works ok.
I got the same symptom when adding JSAPI support to my own project and 
wanted to test if the default JSAPI sample comming with Chameleon had the 
same behaviour. Unfortunately it does.

I used till now Chameleon 1.9 but wanted to upgrade to the latest version 
for my new project.



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