[Chameleon] Creating new widgets - Please help me

Ines mleonsoft at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Oct 25 19:18:00 EDT 2006

Hello, I'm trying to make a new widget because I need to make a special
widget for my application. I'm tying to make a new widget from the tutorial
but it have some errors in the code, so I can´t make the widget for try to
make my first widget. I'm new making widgets and chameleon applications.

I'm trying to make the widget with this tutorial:

Do any body have some code without errors than can help me? It is very new
for me and I don´t understand very much.

When I can create the new widget I have to make another function for this,
but I can't still make the first step (create the widget) for try.

This is what I have to create with the widget:

Ines wrote:
> Hello, I have a database with some latitudes and longitudes and
> and I have to show that points in a layer (map).
> For example, the columns of the database:
> latitude		longitude	Description
> xxxxxxxxx         xxxxxxx     bird species
> xxxxxxxxx         xxxxxx      shark species
> I need to make that the people can select the description in some place of
> my aplication and the aplication show the map with a "circle" for example
> lacated in that latitude and longitude, and then, add that image (or
> with that point in the main map. I saw an aplication that have a "button"
> called "WMS layers" that make some similar with the Map Browser but I
> know how it works.

There's no widget that do exactly that I think, but creating a new one
would be easy. I suggest you add a layer in your mapfile to display this
information. You can create widget that will display the descriptions
and once done will set the EXPRESSION and status of the layer in the
mapfile with the description column value.

Check this link to create your own widget:


Thank very much for your help,

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