[Chameleon] Re: [OTT_OSGEO] chamelon-GRASS application site with URL

Massimiliano Cannata massimiliano.cannata at supsi.ch
Fri Sep 1 11:04:13 EDT 2006

Hi Dave,
speed is just a matter of hardware in this case :-(
Yes, basin are dynamically generated, when you click the map or a 
station it get the coordinate, then they are passed to GRASS.
With a new GRASS command that I wrote, the nearest pixel coordinate 
belonging to a river is selected, and the r.water.outlet is run. The 
raster basin generated is then converted in vector and represented.

For statistics, a MASK fitting the basin is generated and then r.stats, 
r.univar are run.

Also PanaChart php library was used to generate the graph.

That's all.
Again sorry for the slowness ! It will be better in future...


Sampson, David wrote:
> Cool, Cool, Cool....
> I like it....
> I had an issue with popups, but that's normal when you block them....
> Worked well in firefox
> IS the watershed a pre defined boundarie, or is GRASS running the
> r.watersheds and creating it from scratch?  Does this get cached?  Or is
> it a predefined watershed boundary?...
> The ROI requirement was not clear at first, but trial and error worked
> that out.... 
> I perosnaly like zoom tools that can draw an extent box instead of a
> point and given zoom factor, but that's my preference
> Load time and processing time is a little slow, but that's secondary.
> I'm assuming that's across the board.
> For others that are going to try it out this is the process I tried
> 1. load page
> 2. zoom into an area (mag +) so you can see some individual pints
> 3. Chooce the ROI tool (far left icon)
> 4. draw ROI (if there is processing of the watersheds then I assume the
> larger the ROI more processing time)
> 5. Select watershed from point (Third from left)
> 6. Select a red point inside the ROI (notice the ROI only comes up when
> you switch tools and select point)
> 7. Tri the INFO button to learn more about each site (7th from left)
> So... Cool, I like
> What other widgets are connected to GRASS?...
> I look forward to the technical docs and seeing more people use it.
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> Hi all,
> I would like to inform you that a demo site is now on-line to see how
> GRASS is run trough Chameleon.
> For instruction on how to use it, you can click the Help button.
> The URL is:
> Could you try to check if everything is working and eventually give me a
> feedback?
> (It could result not too fast in map loading due to the low hardware
> configuration of the server)
> As soon as possible I will add a page with more technical details on how
> to set up such a link.
> Thanks,
> and hope to see you in Lausanne.
> Massimiliano


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