[Chameleon] Query widget and tablerenderer.php

Pagurek,Debbie [NCR] Debbie.Pagurek at ec.gc.ca
Fri Sep 1 15:12:25 EDT 2006

Hi all,
I'm just starting to do some work with Chameleon 2.4. I notice that
there is a difference in the QUERY widget now (we used Chameleon 2.2 for
our app) - I see that there is a tablerenderer.php script, and that it
might be possible to pass a new layout to that script from the query
widget. We basically want a vertical table, but we have tweaked the
styling and have some other things that replace certain characters for

So the question is, what would the cwc2 tag look like to accommodate a
new layout? Can it be used this way?

Just wondering if I can do my changes this way or if I will have to
replicate the entire Query widget and call it something new and then
make my changes (which is what we did in version 2.2).
Is there anything special I need to know about doing it this way in 2.4?

Thanks for your help,
D. Pagurek

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