[Chameleon] Missing map image

Normand Savard nsavard at mapgears.com
Mon Aug 6 14:25:21 EDT 2007

Alan Hale wrote:

>I have installed Chameleon 2.4.1 through FGS on Fedora Linux and ths
>samples are all working fine now. I am stil having a problem with my own
>application. This just adapts the sample_enhanced template and referring
>file, with my own map file, covering a part of Wales. The same
>adaptation works fine in MS4W. On my FGS system, the map layers are
>picked up and displayed in the legend, and when I sue the zoom in tool
>the boundary on the reference map  displays correctly - but there is no
>image in the main map box. I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this. I
>don't know for example where the images for the map are stored - when I
>check with the samples I can see that icons, buttons, legend images etc.
>are written to tmp/  or /tmp/ms_tmp/ but I cannot find the actual map
>images there. Knowing where these are supposed to be would help my

The map image is generated dynamically and to check if it's generated 
correctly just right click in the blank image and paste in a new tab.


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