[Chameleon] INDEX info

Normand Savard nsavard at mapgears.com
Wed Aug 15 10:13:22 EDT 2007

LITTLE Nelson wrote:

>I am also working in this area and having experimented with the HEADER
>property of the map file the explanation given below is a little
>confusing to say the least: 
>"*     if the displayed column name is empty then the column is not been
>shown (in the example ar only the columns 'Code' (UNIQUE_KEY) and 'Name'
>(NAME) shown -> 'displayed name' (real column name)"
>What this should say is that all columns defined in the HEADER section
>will be displayed, however only columns with a 'display column name'
>will be displayed with such a name. Hence in the example mentioned below
>only UNIQUE_KEY and NAME will be displayed with the names 'Code' and
>'Name' respectively, all other columns will have their 'real column
>names' displayed.

I think you right it's better said.


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