[Chameleon] legend tree widget

dominique briand dominiquebriand at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 13:24:02 EST 2007

Hello, I try to implement the tree legend widget
but it doesn't want to work. I followed the comments but it doesn't change

The legend displays, if I want to display or not a layer it works fine, but
the 'group' checkbox is always  unchecked, if I check it, when I refresh it
goes back to unchecked. Furthermore, it should have uncheked the layers of
the group and changed the group icon...

I use the legend template with the modification given in the comments and
the LegendTemplet.widget.php attached.

maybe it comes from my template initialisation :

<cwc2 type="LegendTemplate" visible="true" embedded="true"
                      popupheight="300" popupwidth="300"

any ideas?

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