[Chameleon] JSAPI & Legends...

Nolte, Tim Tim.Nolte at ipcswirelessinc.com
Tue Dec 11 15:28:39 EST 2007

I'm wondering if anyone out there currently has an application where
they are using JSAPI mode along with HTML legends. And even more
specifically a legend that has expanding & collapsing groups with
checkboxes for turning the layers on and off. The issue that I've found
at this point it that something with the tree-style legend/layer control
is that when I do an update of the map in Internet Explorer it locks up
the entire browser and you get no progress. Then it finally loads up the
new map and things are working again. I don't have this probably at all
in Firefox. My company uses IE6 & IE7 predominantly so this is a real
deal breaker for seeing some performance improvements sing JSAPI. Anyone
else experience issue with Internet Explorer? Thanks.

- Tim

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