[Chameleon] possible errors in the description of tags, other ambiguities

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Sun Dec 16 15:44:57 EST 2007


Few months ago I sent a couple of questions which I never
got a reply for. I'm sending them again, in case it someone
might like to look into them this time. Any comments
welcome. The query follows:

I noticed possible errors in the description of tags in
chameleon.xml and cwc2.xml. See:

cwc2.xml, service_instance_path:

It's description reads: "This is the URL to chameleon.php".
Isn't this a copy/paste typo from chameleon.xml
web_server_path tag by any chance? What should it be
pointing at? An absolute filesystem path or an URL
according to my Apache settings?

chameleon.xml, wms_parse_file:

"Leave empty to use the Chameleon C module if available
(faster and brand new) or the built in PHP parser (slower
and obsolete)."

This doens't make sense to me. It says, AIUI, that if I
leave it empty, either the C module, if available, or the
PHP parser will be used. So why do I need to put anything
here? Do I? The exact question is: if my full path to
wmsparse is
"/home/etc/chameleon/htdocs/common/wmsparse/wmsparse", shall
I put it here like this or not?

Also, the descriptions of the following tags in the cwc2.xml
do not make it clear if these are supposed to be absolute
filesystem paths or URLs according to my web server settings:


I think I know what the two last ones mean but the mixture
of different terms, some lacking info and my ignorance don't
make me sure enough. I would really be gratefull if someone
knowledgable could explain this.

Also, the Instalation Guide on [1] is not up-to-date with
current Chameleon directory structure. And I'm not sure if I
adapt it to the current one properly.

All these issues and my lack of knowledge are to puzzling
for me. Please help.



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