[Chameleon] possible errors in the description of tags, other ambiguities

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Mon Dec 17 15:15:42 EST 2007

Normand Savard wrote:

> About wmsparse, it means that if you leave it empty and wmsparse has
> been compiled (so wmsparse is in
> /path/to/chameleon/htdocs/common/wmsparse) this wmsparse will be used. 
> If wmsparse has not been compiled and this field is empty the built in
> PHP parser will be used.

Hi Norm,

Perfect. Now I get it. Still find the original tip puzzling
though. I'd reword it as follows:

"If left empty, wmsparse will be looked for under it's
default location /path/to/chameleon/htdocs/common/wmsparse.
If not found there, the built in PHP parser will be used
(slower and obsolete). One needs to compile wmsparse and
make sure it's available under the default location or put
his custom path to wmsparse if needed."

Lengthy and could use better English but along these lines
would be understandable for newcommers IMHO.

> If you have no intention to use Chameleon as a remote server you can put
> cwc2.xml aside.

I don't even know what "Chameleon as a remote server" means
so I should be OK :). Thanks for the hint. How can I learn
what it is, though?

> On which platform are you working on.  I'm asking that because if you're
> on Windows you can use ms4w package for Chameleon.  It is very simple to
> install.

I'm on GNU/Linux. I prefer to setup things myself to
understand how they work, to some extent. Chameleon has been
one of the thoughest to achieve that, for me. The lack of
up-to-date docs is one of the reasons. Main help [1] is
"Last Updated: 2005/03/20".



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